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Respect the Long Tradition of Alabama Public Television
  • Petitioned Alabama Educational Television Commission

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Alabama Educational Television Commission
Chairman of the Alabama Educational Television Commission
Ferris Stephens
Vice Chairman of the AETC
Greg Griffin
Secretary of the AETC
Rod Herring
Member of the AETC
Les Barnett
Member of the AETC
J. Holland
Member of the AETC
Bebe Williams

Respect the Long Tradition of Alabama Public Television

    1. Steven Hallmark
    2. Petition by

      Steven Hallmark

      Birmingham, AL

Alabama Public Television has been a longstanding educational resource for the state's population. Many of Alabama's youth watch APTV's programming, learning English, Mathematics, History, and Science. Children learn these subjects from publicly funded television and learn their religion from their parents, churches, and ministers.

While programming that features religious perspectives is culturally educational, programming designed to push a certain religion or religious viewpoint on viewers endangers APT's federal funding and is both ethically and legally questionable. APT and its airwaves are not a venue for evangelism or historical revisionism.

Please, respect the AETC's mission:

"By providing essential educational services with the highest quality direct instructional content through digital streaming. APT's efforts are directed toward helping our state reach true school equity statewide. Every student in our state deserves an equal opportunity in education regardless of the wealth of the school district."

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    1. Reached 250 signatures
    2. Show Emphasizing Creationism Slated to Air on APT

      Steven Hallmark
      Petition Organizer

      According to the meeting minutes from the last AETC meeting, there will be a new television show airing on APT that emphasizes "creation science."

      This is apparently what the AETC meant by "new direction."

      On the up side, this petition is going very well! I have received a phone call from Chairman Ferris Stephens. The commission is definitely paying attention to this.

      Thank you for signing and sharing, keep it up!

    3. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Suzanne Baker BIRMINGHAM, AL
      • about 2 years ago

      There needs to be an outcry. I will not donate to APTV until this abuse of power by the current Commission stops.

    • Meaghan Goldman OWENS CROSS ROADS, AL
      • over 2 years ago

      I grew up watching APT and am horrified to read about this 'new direction' the board is taking the station in.

    • Adroenne Webb BIRMINGHAM, AL
      • over 2 years ago

      I have a deep and abiding admiration for APTV and regularly donate. The demise of this unbiased station will, unfortunately, just be another embarrasement to what I use to be able to refer to as the "Great State of Alabama. No more.

    • Glenn Feldman BIRMINGHAM, AL
      • over 2 years ago

      As a devout Christian, and a fan of public television, I am appalled. Appalled.

    • Jennifer Adams DOTHAN, AL
      • over 2 years ago

      I do not like the purposed changes.


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