Aid International Criminal Court
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Aid International Criminal Court

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      james m nordlund

      Fargo, ND

I’m sure you’re aware that the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court was ratified in 2002 by the international community. The US, however, withdrew its participation under King George and his Dick Cheney’s administration‘s reign on the American way of life. That action has allowed us to stand above the law and outside effective international scrutiny, to the detriment of all. There must be legal accountability for the denial of basic human rights. The US must support the I.C.C. and ratify the Rome Statute promptly, to maintain the moral high ground on human rights and international politics. I urge you to support any similar legislation to H. Con. Res. 97, and to oppose any similar legislation to H. Con. Res. 265; the US needs to come into the fold of the progressing civilized world.

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