Against the "Dangerous Dog" Muzzle Ordinance in Worcester MA
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Against the "Dangerous Dog" Muzzle Ordinance in Worcester MA

    1. Ashley Edwards
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      Ashley Edwards

      charlton, MA

The only people that are going to suffer for this is the responsible dog owners. The irresponsible ones are still not going to get the proper training, etc and they are ABSOLUTELY not going to muzzle their pit bulls/dobermans etc. The responsible owners are the ones who do the research, get the training and if needed they will muzzle their dog at their own discretion because it is of their own personal opinion that their dog should be ( IE does'ent get along with other dogs etc.) But for someone to tell us we HAVE to muzzle our dog because it is of that breed is un american. It is just like judging a person for their color or ethic, which we all know is wrong. Join me in support AGAINST the muzzle ordinance.

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    • Alan B Myers BEVERLY, MA
      • over 3 years ago

      People need to teach dogs courtesy.

      What needs to be taught more than anything else is repect to others. This includes owners also.

      With proper training, any dog large or small,

      can become a great friend.

      No Muzzle Required.

    • melanie leone WINNETKA, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      We should require that the people that invent these ridiculous laws be muzzled!


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