Stop bullying kids and teens & help prevent many teen suicides
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Stop bullying kids and teens & help prevent many teen suicides

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      Courtney Neill

      North Port, FL

This petition means a lot to me. I want to stop bullying, name calling everything. Recently, many teens where I live have died as a result of bullying or peer pressure. I have personally been affected by suicide in my family and I can't take it any longer. I can easily name a couple incidents where this has happened at my school.. a girl who was very musically inclined, she was super sweet and caring got to the point where she couldn't take it anymore. She was bullied for a couple years and it got so bad that it got to the point where she committed suicide. The same year, a well known boy who was very kind hearted and athletic, killed himself for the same reasons. He took his life over bullies and his girlfriend that had just broke up with him. She started to make threats towards him and he killed himself the next day. Those are just two cases that affected me and everyone at my school. I am tired of hearing about kids, teens, and adults killing themselves over things that are easily preventable. It disgusts me how cruel people can be to one another and it needs to stop. Bullying innocent people to the point they even think* about harming themselves is apalling. By signing this petition you can help save thousands of innocent lives and put a stop to this bullying. This is something that should have stopped a long time ago and we need to end it now. This is the year we will all make a difference, and we can*. One signature at a time !

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