Aetna STOP denying needed surgeries and calling them "Experimental"!
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Aetna STOP denying needed surgeries and calling them "Experimental"!

    1. CryssyandSteve Henry
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      CryssyandSteve Henry

      Harrisburg, PA

In May 2013 my husband was put out of work due to a herniated disk in his back. L5 S1. He was sheduled for surgery July 23rd. At his last appointment before surgery he was informed that AETNA refused to pay for his surgery. They said it was "experimental" even though this type of surgery has been around for years. And my husbands dr specialized in that kind of surgery.

My husband was forced to medically resign from his job. We ended up losing our home because his short term disability was only about $400.00 a month. Now we are staying with family because it has been hard for my husband to find a job. He has put in applications and resumes everywhere just to be turned down. Once they see "Medical Resignation" as his reason for leaving his previous job they automatically reject him. 

Because they see him as a  potential risk and liability!!

He is currently working on getting his CDL through a school bus company because driving is all he can do. There are days where he can hardly get out of bed but he pushes himself. He was instructed by his dr and his previous job's dr NOT to lift anything over 10lbs, no excessive bending etc.. If he moves or does the wrong thing he could end up in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. His herniation is pushing on his ciatic nerve and spinal cord. He get's pain down both leg's and can barely walk.

It's a struggle for him everyday and no thansk to AETNA he will have to suffer with the pain for who knows how long. The company he is getting his CDL through doesn't offer company benefits. All benefits that they DO have and offer is paid out of the employees pockets 100% and are very expensive. Even though this petition won't help my husband in getting his surgery. I'm hoping it will at least change Aetna's decision for any current or future back surgery pataints that need this kind of surgery.

It would be nice if they would pay for his surgery even though he is no longer insured through them as a good faith gesture. And I'm talking 100% coverage not partial or half for denying him in the first place for something he needs. Please sign this petition and get Aetna to open their eyes and stop denying surgeries that are needed! 




Aetna Health Insurance Company, Aetna (health insurance company)
Cynthia B. Michener, Public Relations Manager Aetna (health insurance company)
Thomas F. Cowhey, Vice President, Investor Relations Aetna Inc Aetna (health insurance company)
Executive Complaints and Resolutions Department, Aetna (health insurance company)
Aetna STOP denying needed surgeries and calling them "Experimental"!

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    2. Disgusted!!!

      CryssyandSteve Henry
      Petition Organizer

      Aetna has hurt my family a lot more than just making my husband lose his job and our home. My husband now has to go to court on January 30th for unpaid child support. He has to try and convince the judge that his reasoning of not paying is due to being put medically out of work. And pray that the judge accepts his reasoning and doesn't put him in jail. WAY TO GO AETNA THANKS FOR RUINING MY COMFORTABLE LIFE WITH MY LITTLE FAMILY. MAYBE YOU CAN EXPLAIN TO OUR CHILDREN WHY DADDY ISN'T AROUND AFTER THE 30TH!! Let's put YOU out of work and see how you make it WITHOUT any funds available to you!!!

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    • Carlos Leon NEW YORK, NY
      • 26 days ago


    • Kelly Engeseth LAKE STEVENS, WA
      • 28 days ago

      Aetna has denied my surgery as well, for 2 cervical disc replacements, while covering it for other patients. Just plain wrong.

    • Jimmy Middlebrooks LADSON, SC
      • about 1 month ago

      My life is being ruined by Aetna

    • Makeisha Gibson BALTIMORE, MD
      • 3 months ago

      Aetna has denied me also for services as simple as lab work, even after attempting to resubmit for them to cover, leaving me with over $1000 bill in medical expenses as a college student. I cannot afford this and I find it ridiculous that they are trying to find loopholes to deny their customers who collectively pay these companies millions of dollars much needed services, such as this man's surgery. Despicable!

    • somaditya sen MILWAUKEE, WI
      • 4 months ago

      Full coverage of human values


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