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Advocate for Civil Unions in Michigan

    1. Jay Berkow
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      Jay Berkow

      Kalamazoo, MI

Support an effort to enact a Civil Union Act in Michigan!

The current conservative dominated administration in MI is arming itself to effectively make it the least gay friendly state in the US, using budget cuts to attempt to eliminate benefits and rights for same sex couples.  It is time to advocate for a Civil Union Act. Gay Marriage will not happen until it is forced on this conservative administration by national legal action. A Civil Union Act as adopted in New Jersey in 2007 is a far more reasonable goal currently. Get your Senators and Representatives to afford Michigan same sex couples equal rights!

See the NJ Act online at:  http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2006/Bills/A4000/3787_I1.PDF


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    1. Civil Unions in Michigan

      Jay Berkow
      Petition Organizer

      Rhode Island recently approved gay civil unions. Same sex marriage is a far dream for Michiganders and the conservative state house is intent on attacking gay rights including benefits for partners and anti-bullying laws.

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    • Alan Haggard SAN DIEGO, CA
      • over 3 years ago


    • Alan Ditmore LEICESTER, NC
      • over 3 years ago
    • Clifford Gooden DAVENPORT, IA
      • over 3 years ago

      God did not intend for man & man and woman & woman to be romantically involved. That is the work of the devil because he is the master of confusion. their is a sinister evil associated with the rise of the gay community kingdom. That is, however, not the work of GOD in heaven. If you critisize me for this message, that would be fine. You are free to do so. However, understanding the pure evil nature of the devil is beyond words.My point is, how can anyone suspect that anyone who voices their strong traditional moral view points against homosexuality is a "hater". That to me is a lie. The Devil is very crafty indeed. Only the opposite is true. remember GOD destroyed the kingdom of sodome and gomore according to the bible for the same sexual lifestyles that the gays today are trying to reestablish. Don't take my word for it, read the bible and talk with your preacher and other church members. The Truth should never be sugar coated as hating just because one choses to disobey GOD's will and live immoral. I am no better than anyone, in fact, I have just as many faults. That is not the point. The point is let's be truthful at least. If you want to live the homosexual lifestyle, then do so. But I want people to remember that the devil is busy in all of our lives and he will cunfuse us and ultimately take our souls in the end. He is very deceptive and tricky. Gay people, normally speaking, are not scary or evil people. They just have been misled and subconsciencely are doing the work of the devil without knowing it. His mission: to kill, steal, and devower. He has another blood line on earth called the "illuminiti". They, in one short scenerio, are responsible for causing music entertainers to tell their souls for wealth and fame. The bible says what good is a man who can rule the world yet lose his own soul. Homosexuals are not that positioned to create that type of legacy, but they are, in fact, following a dark path. On that note I will Pray for all the lost souls and ask GOD to protect my soul from the devil because even I am not strong enough to fight his forces on earth because I am only human. For these reasons, because GOD has shown me the light, I cannot in good faith support homosexuality because it is not his will, but that of the devil.

    • robert guise KALAMAZOO, MI
      • over 3 years ago

      I dont need a marriage license. Im a decent hard working man who chooses to be with another decent hard working man. I have morals, standards and life goals that top many of my straight married counterparts. I dont think letting myself and my partner better this society through good acts, values and decisions should be looked at as a perversion or threat to straight america and world.


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