Action of the Week: Stay Informed!

Action of the Week: Stay Informed!

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    • Jace Turner LAS VEGAS, NV
      • about 6 years ago

      I am not only staying informed but informing and teaching as well. I am a new face in transgender activism. I am a transman, a filmmaker, a poet, and an up and coming public speaker.

      Because this website is called I thought it might be ok for me to post the following:

      I’m putting an OPEN SOURCE documentary together.

      I am looking for several production crews in the US and Canada to work with me on an open source documentary. This documentary calls for very open minded production crews. We will be documenting Transgender men that is female to male transgender people in their journey of transition, from pre transition to post transition (medical).

      What you will need in order to produce usable footage for this this open source film.

      1) Legal access and the knowledge to use a 3 CCD camera as a professional. (please white balance, DO NOT TURN ON THE GAIN, and use the rule of thirds!) And shoot at 30fps please. Also please no HD, we are shooting in SD.

      2) access to professional sound recording equipment like lav mics and the knowledge to ues the equipment as a professional. (Please keep the audio levels reasonable and usable)

      3) work and photo release forms, which I will provide once you have assembled your team of 2-4 people.

      4) Interview questions which you will get from me once you assemble your team.

      5) Shot list (get it from me)

      Ok so that right there is a starting point. I am looking to work with students and other amature filmmakers. This may end up paying but I won't know till later down the road. You will get exposure from this and a heck of a lot of experience.

      So I will be shooting here in Vegas, in fact I've already started shooting. If you are interested please tell me what city you are in or that you would like to cover, as in if you are in a small town right outside of a large town let me know. I will find the subject in your city unless you already have someone lined up.

      NO VIOLENCE . No no people or animals get hurt during the makking of this documentary!

      As for the transmen who would like to be a part of this film...

      Please read:

      The point of this documentary is to shed light on what we go through as transmen, to show the struggle to be acknowlaged as who we are. What kind of impact our transitions have on our loved ones and to show the very human side of transition. The point is to show the process of medical and social transition while showing the effects, wether it be emotional, scoial, economic, whatever it be.

      Please CONTACT ME ON MYSPACE, here is my url:

      Or my email:


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