Grow the sales of American made products and create American jobs.
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Dr. Rebecca Blank

Grow the sales of American made products and create American jobs.

    1. Randall Crawford
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      Randall Crawford

      Rochester, NY


Building American jobs requires building the sales of American products. It should not be a challenge to find American made products in retail stores, online, or through catalog/mail order services. Greater transparency of a products country of origin will aid consumers in their decision to purchase items made in America (or not), and build a stronger American economy naturally without having to increase tariffs or risk diplomatic dissent from our global neighbors.

We choose to honor our presidents request for help in repairing our economy through “economic patriotism,” and find requiring better dissemination of a products country of origin a virtually cost-free way of helping us to help ourselves. We believe this can be easily accomplished by requiring retailers, online merchants, and catalog/mail order outlets to add a line of text in their advertisements and in-store displays to inform consumers of a products country of origin. Although we realize this is already required on most import products, we believe there should be a text size requirement to make the country of origin more prevalent and less a game of hide and seek. Since this labeling is already required, it should not cause any hardship to increase the size of the text or label.

It is our belief that most Americans if given the opportunity would choose to buy American made products. We profess to have abolished slave labor in America and consider ourselves the enemy of communism, yet are forced to support both around the world because of the inundation of products from countries that condone these practices. We believe we deserve a chance to help ourselves out of our dire economic situation, and we believe we deserve the information to make a considered choice.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and consideration of our petition.


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    • Charles Beck INDEPENDENCE, MO
      • over 1 year ago

      The IRS is corrupt, political, too high handed, invasive to our privacy, and unfair. Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • Steven DeVries WILLOWBROOK, IL
      • almost 2 years ago

      Raise GDP and unemployment through the manufacturing of energy related resources, electronics, and other higher expertise related skills. We cannot be a service industry based country in a world without the need of our services. Our services has little use (ie. Education, Finance) in a country that cannot sustain itself without massive change. Go to a flat tax system, eliminate the IRS, and collect taxes on all purchases- including collecting taxes on illegally gained income. Tax items bought at 7% acros the board and we will be out of debt soon. Bring back manufacturing and we will remain a superpower in twenty years. Please!

    • Donna H Johnson ANNAPOLIS, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      American made products are made better and it keeps jobs here where they belong

    • Kimberly Wilson MORROW, OH
      • about 2 years ago

      Without a manufacturing base America can not compete in the gloobal market

    • Andrea Ploscowe ROCHESTER, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      I am a recruiter specializing in manufacturing companies. Over the past decade the US has lost 30% of its manufacturing base to countries with slave labor, terrible environmental practices, and who make shoddy products! The American manufacturing worker is not on an even playing field, and this situation needs a comprehensive remedy STAT! Every day I speak with desperate people who lost their jobs, their homes, their is heart-breaking. We need to bring back and support AMERICAN Manufacturing! Made in America, baybee...Woooooooooooot!


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