Act Now to Save Service in America
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Act Now to Save Service in America

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      Save Service in America


Last February, the House of Representatives passed a year-long spending bill that eliminates funding for the Corporation for National & Community Service and all of its programs.

These programs -- like AmeriCorps and Learn & Serve America -- provide cost-effective, valuable services to local communities all across America through organizations like Teach For America, City Year and Jumpstart.

The impact of cutting funding for these organizations is dire: more than 150,000 jobs and 5 million volunteer positions will be lost, and millions of children, seniors, and disabled Americans will lose the support they rely on.

Take action today to Save Service in America.

With your help, we can protect the organizations and volunteers who are working together to keep our communities strong.


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to save service programs like Teach for America, City Year, and Jump Start that provide cost-effective, valuable services to local communities all across America.

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    • Andrew Heugel BREWSTER, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      In addition to be low cost, as these program generally pay the interns less than minimum wage, these programs are useful job training for the interns. Plus, these programs greatly enhance the services of many organizations in the non profits sector. One example is the American Red Cross, which has seen a drop in donations and has had to lay off many of their paid staff. As volunteers generally either have paid jobs or are elderly and/or disabled, the Americorps volunteers fill a needed niche by performing like paid employees, which not cost the non profit anything. If anything, these programs need to be expanded.


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