Act Now to Save Endangered Jobs for Low-Income Parents & Youth
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Act Now to Save Endangered Jobs for Low-Income Parents & Youth

    1. Kathryn Baer
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      Kathryn Baer

      Washington, DC

The TANF Emergency Contingency Fund has been helping states provide basic assistance, short-term benefits and subsidized jobs to the growing number of families who've fallen into poverty because of the recession.

The Fund will expire on September 30 unless Congress extends it. An estimated 240,000 subsidized jobs in 36 states and the District of Columbia are at immediate risk, including jobs for low-income youth.

The House of Representatives has twice passed extensions. These were fully offset. So they wouldn't add one dime to the deficit. Some states have already begun closing down their programs because the Senate didn't act.

But there's still time to save those jobs. So tell your elected representatives that you want them to extend the TANF Emergency Fund now.

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