Acquitted, but still serving life without parole since he was 16!
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Acquitted, but still serving life without parole since he was 16!

    1. melissa shuler
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      melissa shuler

      deleon springs, FL


 My husbands name is Curtis Shuler Jr and he is currently serving a term of natural life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was a sixteen year old juvenile when he was arrested in 1998. He was charged with Premeditated First Degree Murder on a victim that a 'sworn' jury 'ACQUITTED Him'. The jury never found him guilty of killing the victim. In fact the jury acquitted himof every 'essential element' to constitute the crime. Yet instead of following state and federal laws when it comes to legally inconsistent verdicts the prosecutor persuaded the judge to find jim guilty as charged and the court adjudicated him guilty as charge despite the judges confusion as to the verdict. Federal and state law requires that verdicts rendered like his  'REQUIRE ACQUITTAL”.  He has  a life sentence without benefit of parole for a murder he was never convicted of doing. He was wrongfully convicted and railroaded by the state.

Iin 1998, there were a totat of 7 teens who were convicted of murder and prosecuted by the same states attorney, John Aguero. He gave the white teenagers, less then life in which two are already free and the other two will be coming home soon. The three black teens were given life without parole. Why did he feel compassion for the white teen's and not the black teen's?

What I am asking is for immediate release of my husband.

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    • denice reese BERLIN, GERMANY
      • about 2 hours ago

      The people need to stand up and show solidarity when the system fails its community and injustice happens

    • Tauva Austin EL CAJON, CA
      • 11 days ago

      The system is wrong!

    • lekisa ponder MACON, GA
      • 12 days ago

      Im signing because it's wrong that someone spend the rest of their life in prison for something they did not sound racism was there's my answer,,,

      • 13 days ago

      I feel like the law is not being upheld...There is a innocent man in prison that shouldn't be there..... I hope my support will help him out....MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

    • Daren Lawrence LARGO, FL
      • 13 days ago

      This is madness, not justice.


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