Ace Museum: All in for the 1%!
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Ace Museum: All in for the 1%!

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Rebuild the Dream, MoveOn, Russell Simmons, SEIU, Occupy the Dream and Courage Campaign are planning an event on March 31, 2012 at Ace Museum in Los Angeles called “All in for the 99%” (  This event is intended to unite art and activism to “create awareness, discussion, and enthusiasm for the issues that inspire the 99% movement.” But the Ace Museum does not represent the 99%!


Ace Museum's Chief Executive Douglas Chrismas has had well over 55 legal disputes with artists and collectors for financial fraud including stealing artwork and refusing to pay artists.  A quick Google search will turn up countless examples.  Douglas Chrismas has lost lawsuits charging that he stole famous artworks, sold smuggled artwork while claiming it was ‘free and clear of claims’, failed to pay rent and taxes, failed to pay artists for artworks that he sold, and failed to deliver artworks to collectors.  He has used bankruptcies to avoid paying claims on at least 7 occasions.  One art collector had Chrismas arrested when his bankruptcy filing protected him from paying the money that he owed.  Chrismas is currently being sued in a class action lawsuit for "failing and refusing” to pay artists 5% royalties on secondary market sales. Secondary market sales bring in millions of dollars of profit for dealers.  Refusing to pay artists 5% for the work they made is clearly exploitative, selfish and greedy.  Artists fought hard to win 5% resale royalty rights in California, but art dealers like Chrismas make this law useless.


Ace Museum's board member Bruce Karatz was the CEO and Chairman of KB Homes from 1986 to 2006.  He was the 4th highest paid CEO in the US in 2006. But he resigned from KB HHHomes in 2006 because he was charged with 20 felonies related to executive stock options.  In 2010, Karatz was convicted of four felony charges for backdating executive stock options in order to make them more valuable without disclosing that information. In this way, Bruce Karatz overstated his earnings and the earnings of KB Homes and then covered it up.


The Ace Museum represents the interests of the 1%. We are concerned that this exhibition at the Ace Museum will whitewash the economic crimes of one of the most egregious art institutions.


Please sign the petition asking Rebuild the Dream to either move the exhibition “All in for the 99%” to a venue that stands with the 99%, or to at least publicly denounce the Ace Museum and it’s CEO Douglas Chrismas to prevent the Ace Museum from whitewashing their economic crimes under the banner of the 99%. 


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    1. Sign Posted by Apple Via and MoveOn at "All in for the 99%" at Ace Museum

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      Following Apple Via, expressed support for the sign that was to be installed near the entrance of the Ace Museum stating their total independence from Ace. MoveOn thanked us for bringing this information about Ace Gallery/Museum to their attention and stated that they "honestly had no idea that there was any bad blood between the owners of this space and the rights of artists." We would like to thank both Apple Via and for addressing our concerns.

      The best news is that also promised to make it a priority to do proper research next time. We feel that this should be a priority so that these organizations don't end up working with those that harm the 99%.

      Thanks again to all who helped out! If we don't take action about the economic conditions of the art world, who will?

    2. Apple Via has stepped up to publicly denounce Douglas Chrismas and Ace!

      Unknown  Artists
      Petition Organizer

      Apple Via has let us know that they are going to “install a sign near the entrance of the space stating [their] total independence from the Ace.” They let us know that they take our concern seriously and “believe it is imperative we separate those who occupy the land from the landowners”!

      This is a victory, and we commend Apple Via for taking responsibility and respecting our concerns. This is just the kind of response we have been hoping for from those who are involved in planning the show. We had always assumed that if the sponsors of the event knew who was behind this organization, they would not approve, as they represent the antithesis of the spirit and purpose of the event. We offer our deepest thanks to Apple Via for standing with the 99%.

      With only a few days to March 31st, the day of the event, we urge you to share the petition with anyone you think is interested, to help us convince the other organizers of the event to follow suit.

      Thank you for your support!

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    • Daniel Postellon GRAND RAPIDS, MI
      • over 2 years ago


    • Deborah Lashever VENICE, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      STOP using the Occupy name unless you are Occupy! We do NOT support you with your 1% dirty ties! Cease and desist! NOW!

    • cecile leneman BERKELEY, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am a practicing artist. War on artists has been declared. It's open season on vulnerable cultural workers.

    • erin morrison WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I have worked with a New York gallery that took 60% commission and didn't pay a cent of sales tax for the work sold. To avoid any trouble I payed my end of the tax. Although there are gallery owners whose primary interest is the artist, there are some out there that only want a profit. This guy Chrismas is one of those people. I just attended a panel discussion at LA><art> idea alive.


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