Accept No Substitute for Real Net Neutrality
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Accept No Substitute for Real Net Neutrality

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After more than a year of waffling on Net Neutrality, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski just announced plans to issue weak regulations that give just about everything to giant phone and cable companies, and leave Internet users with almost nothing.

President Obama promised to take a "back seat to no one" in his commitment to Net Neutrality. He appointed Chairman Julius Genachowski to head the FCC and get the job done.

We still have time to fix Chairman Genachowski's toothless rule before it goes to a vote on Dec. 21. Send this letter to FCC Commissioners -- and Net Neutrality champions -- Michael Copps and Mignon Clyburn. They still have the power to save the Internet before it's too late.


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    • D Belilove FAIRFIELD, IA
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      I am appalled that this flagrant commercialization of the internet is being permitted. I am further appalled that those who are fostering it are seemingly unaware of the disastrous effects that will come of it, effects to their own and their families' lives as well as everyone else's, or are so callous that they don't care. To some extent it is our fault as the electorate that we have chosen, or allowed to be chosen, legislators who would behave in this manner, but we must take any and all steps available to rectify the situation.


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