ABC: Cancel the low-rated and sexist show Man UP!
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ABC: Cancel the low-rated and sexist show Man UP!

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      Women's Media Center

To combat sexist issues like those on the show Man UP!, we're targeting the ABC network and asking them to cancel this low rated and sexist show. The Women’s Media Center has teamed up with to redefine sexy and identify sexism on television. The Sexy or Sexism? Campaign educates and activates people who want sexism off the air and broader representations of women on air. The ABC television show Man UP! is a prime example of how sexist images of men and women can be insulting.

For more information on how to join the Sexy or Sexism? Campaign, please visit 

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    2. Man Up! ratings go down 21%, ask a friend to sign the pet ion TODAY

      Show ratings for the ABC show Man UP! went down 21% this week. Viewers are voting with their remotes.

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    • Annoyed AtDumbWomen SEATTLE, WA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Have any of you women even watched the show? If you had you would realize that in no way shape or form is this show sexist. Get your dumb cunt heads out of your smelly pussies and understand not everything is about you. Grow up and be happy in the fact that you have freedoms and give the same to everyone else. No one is forcing you to watch, so if you disagree with it then dont watch it. If there is ignorance anywhere its within your tightly knit sect of imbecilic house moms with nothing better to do except complain to make your worthless lives feel better.

    • helen valenitine CORPUS CHRISTI, TX
      • almost 3 years ago

      Because I am tired of the media trashing on women and making them seen only as sex objects for men's entertainment. Something needs to be done about the overly serialization of women on television and in the media.

    • Caroline Greiner PITTSBURGH, PA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Why are women still seen as objects and not human beings? Without women all these tasteless men would not even be here. So why the lack of respect? I don't understand. And I don't understand why MTV, E!, etc continue to add to the problem. Why isn't anyone taking steps to protect our daughters and future children?

    • Your All FOOLISH BOISE, ID
      • almost 3 years ago

      You are saying we need to be responsible for what our children watch? I am, I don't let my child watch this show, but I like it. Just because you enjoy a show does not mean you are sexiest or it devalues you. If you want to keep these examples away from your kids, watch what your kids watch. Its called being a responsible adult. As for the MAN UP title being sexiest.. Really? You can not turn men into women.. If my friend is acting like a little girl, I am going to tell him to man up. Keep doing what you are doing but let men be men. We have been this way for thousands of years and by cancelling this show you are not going to change us. Desperate housewives is 10,000 times worse yet half of you probably watch it. Its borderline hypocrisy.

    • Leanne McGowan HAMPTON, NJ
      • almost 3 years ago

      Thumbs down for Man Up!

      Don't objectify and sexualize women (51% of the population hate it!) and don't make all the men sexist morons. If you can't do better, go into another business!!


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