Abandonment and starvation of 1,000 pigs is NOT "very normal"
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District Attorney Travis L. Kendall

Abandonment and starvation of 1,000 pigs is NOT "very normal"

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December 2010


Cruelty against farm animals often goes unpunished, but thanks to nearly 2,000 emails from Change.org community members, officials couldn't ignore the case of nearly 1,000 pigs who had been abandoned to starve in the barn of a Pennsylvania farm. Daniel Lee Clark, Sr. was charged with 832 counts of animal cruelty for causing those pigs to suffer.

Nearly 1,000 pigs, shut in barns, were left to starve and probably had no water. The owner of the property in Fulton County, Pennsylvania, Daniel Clark, was last there in August. His wife, Kerron Clark, left in 2008.

Rebecca A. Glesner, the Clarks' realtor who has listed the property for sale, said when she toured the property recently, she did not notice the 1,000 dead bodies still inside the barns for the most part. She is reported to have said finding animals like this is "very normal".

Actually, it's not. This is animal cruelty under Pennsylvania law.

For more on this....http://www.animallawcoalition.com/farm-animals/article/1474 

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