...a second chance, for our  family. Help us reunite.
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...a second chance, for our family. Help us reunite.

    1. Nanzie Reichel
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      Nanzie Reichel

      Phoenix, AZ

December 29, 2010/April 17, 2011

Re: Eliuth L. Reichel A#201029261

          Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Nancy Reichel, I’m a mother of 3 and married to husband Eliuth L. Reichel, which is currently detained by ICE.

We are encountering a very difficult situation, and it seems to have been a wave of misfortune. We have a child with special needs; he was diagnoses with Schizencephaly, when he was 3 months old. As you can imagine that is the most devastating thing that can happen to any parent, it’s very hard, emotionally and physically sometimes impossible.

He has no body movements, nor can he eat by himself, and his not predicting to ever be capable of being self sufficient. His medical necessities are high from multiple specialties from neurology, neurosurgeons, orthopedics, ophthalmology, endocrinologist, physiologist,otolongologist and many other services physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and feeding.

He takes to different types of medication that have to be monitor closely because of overdosing, he take Phenobarbital (seizures) and Baclofen for muscle spasms. 

My husband is my only support. When he was detained we were going throght a very stressful time, he felt useless as he couldn’t provide for his family. Please grant us the honors of legalizing my husband in the U.S. We ask for your forgiveness with his mistemenours "class 1" . Please help us, we are low income, have a hardship and we need my husbands help. The cost of calls is highly expensive, sending money, and having to drive out there every week to show him our families support. Please I beg you to help reunite our family.My husband is truly sorry for his misconducts he was young and immature, and we all have made mistakes.

We also have twin girls who are a year old, who require alot of attention. This time is very crutial to them as they are learning,day after day.

We don’t have the income level or a wealthy last name, we are simple people. With good intentions for our family, we don’t want riches, just happiness. Please reconsider your decision and give our family a chance in making things finally better for us, we will prove to you our loyalty, honesty, and great fullness to this country. 


Nancy Reichel




President Obama

Presidente Felipe Calderon

Judge Devitto, James

Arizona Mayor: Phil Gordan  

U.S Home Land Security Janet Napolitano

Human Rights for the Disable

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    1. Nanzie Reichel
      Petition Organizer

      Against my in defensive disable son, because of his immigrant father...an outrage-

      In Eloy AZ their is a federal "non profit" building. That building is Correction Corporation of America the "finest correctional facility in the states"...right!
      Not only are they detaining non criminal "illegals" they are pushing us to extremes, and they know this. DHS sent me a letter expressing sympathy,to our current circumstances, acknowledging immigration process causes hardships in families. Again, broken laws for the minorities (our community).
      About 3 months ago CCA, committed one of the most hateful crimes against a disable person, they denied my sons access to the building with his wheel chair. Not only that, they also didn't acknowledge the fact that my son had a VP shunt, and it's sensitivity to magnetic devices. Example: metal detectors, they also denied our request for a path down vs metal detector. The ignorance of law officials and health care are unbolibable. My question: why are law officials not submitted to social/health/psychology classes? These people, dont get the fact that the disable have rights, and by harassing their right we are closing the doors and regecting them from "normal" society.
      My son "Adrik" was admitted into the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) at St. Josephs hospital for a shunt replacement, since the one he had was causing complications. When we were admitted he was in a lathargic state, non responsive/weak..and severly dehydrated form previous night of vomiting. Now, could it had been the exposure to magnetic detectors that of set the shunt and cause it to malfuction? maybe. Now, my husbands deportation officer: Garibay, had me hanging on to false illusions on the possibility of my husband/sons situation being resolve, them "granting" my husband "humanitarian parole" since it's only granted to individuals/families with "extreme hardship" right?! Nope, this officer the day of my childs "EMERGENCY SURGERY" had me faxing him hospital supportive documentation on our current situation. He had me thinking they had a warm heart because they cared for my families wellbeing, right!? not. Before, I heard anything back Garibay calls our lawyer and makes I'm aware of the "humanitarian parole" denial. Stating: They were never going to grant it, and that I was waisting my time (picture this my son was having "emergency surgery"). This Officer still had the decensy of calling me the following day (me already knowing form my lawyer ,their true intension's) and aware me of the denial. My question, what is extreme hardship? death!? I'm not sure and I will love for someone to answer that question. Broken laws, broken system, family being torn apart, a form of minority control.Email me if you have any other questions,because I have MORE stories like this one.

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    • rita mares-morales SELMA, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      I too am in the same boat. My husband is also being detained in the Eloy Detention Center. He also made a mistake and now we our family is in disarray. He has been in there for 7 months now and what is frustrating is that you are not given a definite answer right away. They have you in limbo. I hope everything works out for the Reichel Family and their beautiful babies.

    • Lillian Nevarez WHITTIER, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      I had no idea of all you have been though. God Bless you and your beautiful family and I hope that everything turns out good.


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