Sign Now to Enact a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages.
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Sign Now to Enact a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages.

    1. Sharee Anne Gorman
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      Sharee Anne Gorman

      Los Angeles, CA

This petition is the foundation of a Digital Peace and Prosperity for All Movement.

Join Us!! Come Together! And Let's Change the World!!

A world-wide call for a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages will not only help eradicate poverty, it will help bring an end to labor abuses around the world. And not a moment too soon, for when secret "trade-agreements" like the TPP start to pass we are seeing the future of oppression written out in contractual agreements with global implications.

PROFIT COMES FROM comes from oppressed workers and unprotected mineral/land rights. And it is the corporate ethos of "Profits Over People" that is quite literally killing the world...destroying nations, enslaving the vulnerable and poisoning our planet.

This petition, calling on President Obama to initiate a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages, was created because economic inequality and social injustice is suffocating the natural gifts and resources of our human potential.

In order to bring balance back to our Earth and restore dignity to our civil unions we must bring back the power of people-driven politics, so that we may end the practice of starvation wages and escalating corporate hegemony.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to President Obama for a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages

If we CHANGE the way BUSINESS is done in the world - WE *CAN* CHANGE THE WORLD!!


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      Sharee Anne Gorman
      Petition Organizer

      This petition stalled for awhile...but, good news, we are getting renewed interest! People are joining up with new enthusiasm. Please share this petition with your friends and family! This People Movement for economic and social justice needs YOU! Please take a moment to invite your contacts to join the Digital Peace March!! I promise they won't get pepper-sprayed:)

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