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End senseless acts of violence

A national campaign to end senseless acts of violence

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How many times have you been out for a drink with friends and all hell breaks loose?

Somebody knocks over a drink, bumps into you while trying to get to the bar or stares at your girlfriend the wrong way. What happens next can have a catastrophic effect on your life, but too few of us stop to think about the consequences. Increasingly, young men don’t feel like they’ve had a good night out until they’ve been in a fight.

News.com.au intends to start a national conversation and effect change by highlighting the dangers of increasing street violence. Join our Real Heroes Walk Away campaign today.


1) To establish a national public awareness campaign aimed at 16 to 25 year olds around the devastating impact of violence and how to extract themselves from violent situations.

2) The campaign will examine "one punch" laws in states where they have been introduced and whether a uniform set of laws around the country would be effective.

3) Call for federal funding for a national education program that is relevant, state-specific, includes mentoring and a junior sports club focus.

4) To encourage readers to join our social media campaign. This can be done by liking our Facebook page www.facebook.com/news.com.au   or promoting the hashtag #heroeswalkaway on Twitter.


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    1. Reached 10,000 signatures
    2. Real Heroes Walk Away - and we're still walking

      LAST week news.com.au proudly launched the Real Heroes Walk Away campaign against violence.
      We stood up and said enough is enough, and you've stood up right there beside us.


      The Real Heroes Walk Away campaign is calling for federal funding for a national education program that is relevant, state-specific, includes mentoring and a junior sports club focus.
      We want to get our petition past 10,000 signatures, then some, so we can take this national conversation into parliament houses across the country.
      We want responses from law-makers about the effectiveness of one-punch laws and whether they're going to be reviewed.
      And we want to keep hearing from you and telling your stories. This campaign is yours just as much as it is ours.

    3. Reached 7,000 signatures
    4. Thank you for supporting Real Heroes Walk Away campaign.

      In less than 48 hours of the launch, more than 5000 people have signed the petition.

      The campaign has sparked an outpouring of harrowing stories from victims and their families, people across Australia whose lives have been ruined by senseless violence. Read these stories and more at www.news.com.au/heroeswalkaway

      The campaign was also quickly trending on Twitter, where people told their own stories of being assaulted and threw their support behind the anti-violence message.

      Your support is so valuable and we hope you can encourage your family and friends to also get behind the campaign and really help us drive change. Join the conversation on Facebook (facebook.com/news.com.au) and Twitter (twitter.com/newsdotcomHQ) with the hashtag #heroeswalkaway

    5. Reached 5,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Don Passmore AUSTRALIA
      • 11 months ago

      I am the president and founder of combat sports against violence

    • Eleanor Thompson AUSTRALIA
      • 12 months ago

      This type of behaviour is increasing. Indeed too many young men and women seem to think that it is acceptable to get drunk or high and then turn aggressive and violent to demonstrate how cool they are and how worthy of acceptance and veneration they are to their friends. How many more young people have to die or be seriously injured before the government says "enough is enough" and gets something done about this problem? How many more parents, grandparents, partners, friends have to have their hearts broken before we are able to feel confident that our sons and our daughters will return in one piece from an innocent night out with their friends? Change will only come about when policies, procedures and processes are in place that support the values, attitudes and behaviours we want to see demonstrated.

      • about 1 year ago

      Just read 'real heroes walk away' and had my views on violence radically changed. I think that book should be forced into schools for the sake of the future

    • Laura Harvey AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      Because I have seen too many of my beautiful friends, being victims of a 'one punc', and the affects of this are absoloutley devestating. Please stop the violence.

    • Carolyn Browning ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      We were not born with hatred and prejudice, we were taught. Break the cycle of acceptable behavior which condones the behavior of violence amongst us by changing societies tolerance and conditioning to violence being 'ok', it takes a bigger person to walk away


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