6 DAYS - Renew Moratorium on Grand Canyon Uranium Mining
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6 DAYS - Renew Moratorium on Grand Canyon Uranium Mining

    1. Ani L. Schwartz
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      Ani L. Schwartz

      Arroyo Seco, NM

June 24, 2012 UPDATE: The Avaaz petition is still open --- (I would change the name and remove the "6 DAYS" except it would prally be starting over as a new petition unless the system has changed???)

March 29, 2009 --- The deadline for public comment is April 4th

1. The Letter, Renew all Moratoriums on Mining in the Grand Canyonin the BLUE BOX goes directly to the "targets" if/when you sign this action.  These are the same targets as the Avaaz petition. 
I still do not know where our comments go from here on this kind of action.
♥  If you have something to add that you want to be sure gets to its intended destination, I recommend:
2. posting it on the Avaaz Editable Petition (text of which is copied below).
3. making use of the contact info I have posted below (which does not include Obama) to take independant action by sending a personal message which is said to have the most effect (this is not a link - sorry for the confusion)
4 more actions you can take on this issue on the updates channel below.
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Dear President Obama, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, and Arizona Bureau of Land Management,

I am writing to ask you to take urgent action to protect the Grand Canyon and choose Alternative B: protection for the full one million acres of land for at least the next 20 years.

The National Forest area around the Grand Canyon is an important ecosystem. Uranium mining is a growing threat to the park, with 1,100 mining claims within five miles of the Canyon. Uranium so close to the Canyon could seriously threaten the region and potentially pollute the Colorado River.

Please safeguard one of our most important national treasures by withdrawing the entire area described in Alternative B from location and entry under the Mining Law.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.



3. CONTACT INFO, InteriorDept., Salazar & BLM, AZ: (this is not a link either, but I cannot change the color of these until I can see the format code - hahahah - with this system I get to see format code when I want to see what it looks like and vice-versa when I need to see format code - works like a "charm" LOL!)

Here are a few ways you can contact the U.S. Department of the Interior, Secretary Salazar and Interior Dept. bureaus:
Phone: (202) 208-3100
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ E-Mail: feedback@ios.doi.gov
Web: Feedback form 
Snail Mail Address:
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240

Questions about Arizona BLM and its programs may be directed to:
Snail Mail Address:

Arizona State Office
One North Central Avenue
Suite 800
Phoenix, AZ 85004-4427
Phone:(602) 417-9200
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Or email:  ASOWEB_AZ@blm.gov


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    1. Ani L. Schwartz
      Petition Organizer

      23:11MDT 04/04/11 - ". . . deadline for public comment has just been extended through May 4"!!!! YEAAAAA!!!! ,`;~ >

    2. Reached 100 signatures
    3. Ani L. Schwartz
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      <b>Only 1 day left</b> <i>(if 04/04/11 counts all day???THIS IS IT) </i>

    4. Reached 50 signatures
    5. Ani L. Schwartz
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      URGENT, deadline for public comment is April 4th, thanks!

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    7. Ani L. Schwartz
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      Here is the link to the first one (I hope), doesn't seem to want to APPEAR in the box:
      ♥ Worldwide Campaign to Save the Grand Canyon --- by Suzanne Sparling

    8. Ani L. Schwartz
      Petition Organizer

      <b><i>MORE ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE: </i></b>

      ✩✩✩✩✩ <b><i>MOLTO BENE!</i></b> . . . INEDITABLE PETITION TEXT directly to Pres, Gov of AZ, Center for Biological Diversity, Grand Canyon Trust, Western Mining Action Project, Salazar,

      ♥ Tell Gov. Brewer: Protect the Grand Canyon --- by Caleb Laieski

      INEDITABLE PETITION TEXT directly to Governor Jan Brewer, Chief of Staff Eileen Klein, Deputy Chief of Staff Richard Bark,

      ♥ Help Protect the Grand Canyon From Uranium Mining --- by Caleb Laieski

      INEDITABLE PETITION TEXT directly to ARizona Strip District BLM


      --- looks like I have signed this one at least TWICE . . . hmmm . . .
      <b>Environmental-Action: </b>
      <i>"Yet, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is allowing the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to move forward with a plan authorizing new mining sites - within the area protected by Congress. "</i>


      <i>Secretary Salazar,

      Please halt all BLM plans to authorize new mining sites near the Grand Canyon. This treasure is too important to risk.

      Sincerely, </i>



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