Make Minecraft free on Xbox Live Marketplace
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Make Minecraft free on Xbox Live Marketplace

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      Nathan Goforth

      Troutman, NC

Minecraft is an Indie video game for Computer, made by a company by the name of Mojang, which is soon to be released to Xbox 360 Marketplace. Well, I have seen that the makers of Minecraft might sell the video game for in-game Microsoft points. Whereas I believe that if you registered for Minecraft and legally bought a copy of the video game, you should be able to use said account to "Log-in" on Xbox 360, and download Minecraft. I have heard unconfirmed rumors that the game is to be sold for 1600 points, which to buy said points you have to pay 20 dollars, yes you heard correctly, another 20 U.S dollars to buy the game you already paid for. Ridiculous, right? So I am starting this petition to show Mojang that is morally wrong to pay extra money for a video game you already legally bought, and registered an account for said video game, with said company. This video game isn't even Xbox 360 native, it's a port. Which means, that its a copy of the game on PC, released for Xbox 360, and if I understand correctly, no features have been added, and the developers might even have to take thing out to release it for Xbox 360. Please support our cause, even if you think its a little irrational to get agitated about a video game.


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