3 Months to Save the World Heritage Site Mes Aynak
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3 Months to Save the World Heritage Site Mes Aynak

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Mes Aynak is the site of a 2,600 year old Buddhist city in the Logar province of Afghanistan, about 25 miles from the capital city of Kabul. This site was once an important stop along the ancient Silk Road trading route. The largest remaining giant Buddha statue is located at this site whereas others of its kind were systematically destroyed by the Taliban. The site was leased to the Chinese owned mining company MCC (China Metalurgical Group) who plan to turn the entire area into an open pit mine which will not only destroy the ruins of the ancient city, but also hundreds of thousands of important archaeological finds as well as unmittigated environmental destruction. The Chinese government has given international archaeologists until the end of December 2012 to remove as many artifacts as they can. We are asking that the U.S. Department of State use whatever means they have at their disposal to persuade Hamid Karzai to insist that the MMC not destroy this important world heritage site during their mining operations.

NOTE: there is another petition on this subject that will be sent to President Hamid Karzai. Be sure to sign that one as well! Thanks.

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