2Day and Fox FM sponsors: Cancel advertising until Kyle Sandilands is dumped from radio #VileKyle
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2Day and Fox FM sponsors: Cancel advertising until Kyle Sandilands is dumped from radio #VileKyle

    1. Petition by

      Emily Hehir

      Melbourne, Australia

October 2012


“Fat slag...you’re a piece of sh*t. You haven’t got that much titty to be wearing that low cut a blouse. Watch your mouth girl, or I will hunt you down.”

-- Kyle Sandilands' on-air response to a journalist after a report about poor ratings of his TV show.

News outlets are labelling him "vile" and and his comments "filthy" -- but advertisers that keep his show on air continue to stand by his comments. 

Video Ezy, Foxtel, Aeroplane Jelly and others all help keep Sandilands on air through their regular advertisments during the Kyle and Jackie O show and Take 40 countdown. Join the call for them to pull their advertising -- and 2Day FM will be forced to sack Sandilands to protect their bottom-line. 

Help ensure Sandilands can't get away with this vile behaviour again -- help me call on 2day FM sponsors to pull out of advertising until Sandilands is dumped.

Please sign the petition to ditch #VileKyle - an email from you will be sent to every petition target as soon as you sign.

Take the message of why advertisers should cancel their support for Sandilands by posting why you signed directly on their facebook wall:

Video Ezy: http://on.fb.me/w36tEv (Major sponsor of Take 40)

Foxtel: https://www.facebook.com/FOXTEL?sk=wall&filter=1

Adrenalin: https://www.facebook.com/AdrenalinExperiencesSydney?sk=wall

Austereo: https://www.facebook.com/SouthernCrossAustereo?sk=wall&filter=12

Some major brands like Blackberry, Blackmores, Vodafone, Telstra and others have pulled their advertising support for Kyle Sandilands in 2012 as well. For more updates about advertisers' 2012 positions, see this link: http://news.change.org/stories/advertisers-rule-out-sandilands-for-2012

For live updates on who has withdrawn advertising, see the tab named "Petition Updates"

Some important twitter links of Kyle's employers:




Recent signatures


    1. Campaign updates

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      Want more up-to-date information on the campaign?

      Following Emily starting her Change.org petition calling on advertisers to leave Sandilands, a vibrant facebook group has emerged to continue work on the campaign. They have up-to-the-minute information on advertisers' positions, who's in, who's out and which companies are feeling the heat to leave Sandilands. If you're interested in supporting the group, request to join them on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/331298220219718/

      We'll continue to support Emily in updating this site with major news and information relating to Sandilands' advertisers as the campaign progresses.

    2. The trouble with Kyle Sandilands -- The Weekend Australian Magazine

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      This weekend, The Weekend Australian Magazine published a feature on Kyle Sandilands. Emily received several mentions, including this:

      "This time, for Sandilands, things were very different. Twitter and Facebook lit up with complaints and he was labelled a misogynist and a bully - which would have been fine if that was as far as it wen, all publicity usually being good publicity. But then Melbourne law graduate and feminist Emily Hehir launched what must be one of the most potent weapons in the digital age: an online petition on Change.org, urging advertisers to boycott Sandilands."

    3. More advertisers withdraw from Sandilands' shows in 2012

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      Within 24 hours of Sandilands' first show back for 2012, the Kyle and Jackie O show lost a new major sponsor. Jenny Craig withdrew support saying that they had "badly misjudged public perception of Kyle Sandilands" and "instructed 2DAY FM that our advertising is to be discontinued on the Kyle & Jackie O show"

      Bulla Dairy and Australian Institute of Fitness have also pulled their advertising from the Kyle and Jackie O show, with numerous online advertisers joining them, including:
      Sony, Westpoint, Style Tread, Tribly, Beaurepairs, Car History and Air New Zealand.

      Further updates to come as advertisers continue to withdraw from Sandilands' shows in the new year.

    4. Updates on Sandilands advertisers

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      Some announcements that may have been missed include these companies confirming their advertising positions on Sandilands' shows:

      Youi Insurance -- withdrawn advertising: https://www.facebook.com/youi.insurance/posts/10150531887402812

      Bridgeclimb Sydney -- no ads going forward:

      Mercedez-Benz -- confirms no commercial agreement:

      Saba -- no plans:

      Those companies listed under the 'petitioning' section above are those companies that advertised with Sandilands in 2011 and we understand have not made any withdrawal of advertising.

      For more information on other current & previous advertisers' positions, see the below updates and the blog over on news.change.org for info regarding 2012 positions.


    5. Advertisers' positions in the new year

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      In response to queries, I'll be posting a number of updates to this petition page and also the blog that was posted on change.org that tracked 2012 plans of Sandilands' advertisers.

      The blog can be found here: http://news.change.org/stories/advertisers-rule-out-sandilands-for-2012

    6. Reached 30,000 signatures
    7. Kyle Sandilands issues apology

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      Sandilands and employer Austereo have just released a statement.


      Many on Twitter are already questioning if this is enough.

    8. eBay responds to petitioners

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      eBay Australia have just issued this statement regarding their advertising relationship with Kyle Sandilands' shows:

      "Thank you for your email and for expressing your concern regarding this issue. eBay has taken the decision to withdraw its advertising on the Kyle and Jackie O Show with immediate effect."

    9. Ausgrid update their position about ads with Kyle Sandilands

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      We've just seen this announcement from Ausgrid about advertising with Kyle Sandilands shows:

      "... rest assured we have no ties with Kyle Sandilands and don't advertise or sponsor the Kyle and Jackie O show, their radio station, or any program on it. I can also confirm we have no plans to change this." -- via facebook comment.

    10. Comment from Toys R Us about advertising going forward

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      This update about their position on advertising with Kyle Sandilands' shows is from Toys R Us' facebook page:

      "As part of its commitment to supporting environments that are positive for families and children, Toys"R"Us recently withdrew any advertising associated with programming involving Kyle Sandilands until the Austereo network addressed this issue to the satisfaction of its listeners. Toys"R"Us has not altered its position."

    11. Fitness First confirm no advertising with Sandilands shows in 2012

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      This just in from Fitness First's facebook page:

      "Hi Angela, we can confirm we won't be advertising on Kyle Sandiland's shows in 2012."

      More updates to come throughout the day.

    12. UPDATE: Kia, Woolworths and Blackberry comment on Sandilands in 2012

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      Further updates from advertisers about their 2012 commitments:

      Kia Motors:
      "Hi Garth, thank you for your concern. Kia do not have any ads with the Austereo network and do not have any plans to commit ads with the Austereo network for 2012. Kia does sponsor the Australian Traffic Network which delivers traffic updates to motorists across the major radio network stations. Kia sponsors these traffic updates to help Australian motorists with a safe and pleasant journey."

      "Hi everyone, for those who have expressed concern about the Kyle and Jackie O show, we’d like to assure you that we have stopped advertising on this program and we have no plans to advertise with them in the future. Thank you for your feedback."

      Blackberry & Research In Motion:
      "Hi guys, Research in Motion and BlackBerry in no way support the comments made by Kyle Sandilands and have thus made the decision to pull all current support from Austereo until further notice."

    13. Clean & Clear confirm no plans to advertise with Sandilands in 2012

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      In response to the many queries about Sandilands' advertisers' positions for 2012:

      "...As discussed, Clean & Clear has no plans to advertise on Austereo in 2012."

      We will continue to update as we hear back from advertisers.

    14. Telstra have confirmed that they will pull Sandilands ads for whole of 2012

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      While Telstra are yet to make the announcement public, we have had word that they will not advertise on any show hosted by Kyle Sandilands in 2012.

      More updates to come, and a list of which advertisers are in or out for 2012 is being updated live here: http://news.change.org/stories/advertisers-rule-out-sandilands-for-2012

    15. No ads with Sandilands' shows in 2012 -- Nissan Australia

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      Nissan have clarified comments about their advertising on the Kyle and Jackie O show, saying they too will not support Sandilands in 2012:

      "Hi everyone, thought we'd clarify on the comments we have received regarding Kyle Sandilands. We would like to confirm that we do not condone the comments made on the show and as a result removed all our advertising as soon as we possibly could. Nissan will not support the programs Kyle is associated with, both now and in 2012." -- via facebook page.

    16. Macquarie University: no advertising with Sandilands in the future

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      Macquarie University have joined the UWS as a university committing to not advertise on the Kyle and Jackie O show in 2012:

      "After the recent events involving Kyle Sandilands, Macquarie University made a request to our media agency to suspend any advertising that was scheduled for the Kyle and Jackie O show. We have advised our media agency not to include the Kyle and Jackie O show in future advertising plans." -- via their facebook page yesterday afternoon.

    17. Spotlight confirm no ads with Sandilands going forward

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      A short update on the position of Spotlight -- here's what they've said on facebook this morning:

      "We've had some feedback on our wall regarding advertising during The Kyle & Jackie O show. To re-confirm, we no longer advertise during this program, nor will we in the future."

    18. Myer confirm withdrawal of ads in 2012

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      Myer have just sent through an update on their position of advertising with the Kyle and Jackie O show. Here's what it says:

      "As confirmed on 26 November, Myer in no way condones the comments by Kyle Sandilands on his radio show, we do not have any advertising planned on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show now, or in the future, including 2012."

    19. Commonwealth Bank: to 'review' their media buy?

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      In comment replies on their facebook page, Commonwealth Bank have this to say in regards to their 2012 support of Kyle Sandilands:

      "Hi Sophie, thank you for your feedback. Commonwealth Bank does not advertise on the Kyle and Jackie 0 program. We do, however, regularly review our media buying strategy."

    20. UPDATE: Advertisers walk away from Sandilands for 2012

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      More than 26,000 people have signed Emily Hehir’s petition calling for 2Day FM advertisers to withdraw their support of Kyle Sandilands. Your support has sent them a clear message that it’s unacceptable to financially support a radio host who uses phrases like “fat slag”, “you’re a piece of sh*t” and "I will hunt you down" to attack a journalist......

    21. Update on Virgin Mobile advertising in 2012

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      Here's the statement sent through by Virgin Mobile via facebook about their advertising position with Sandilands in 2012:

      "Hi Mandie, we can confirm Virgin Mobile doesn't not have anything booked on the breakfast program or the top 40. Not sure if you're aware but we actually have a partnership with Nova and this is the station we support. We also can confirm that we have absolutely nothing booked on the Austereo network in 2012."

    22. The Good Guys -- not returning to Sandilands in 2012

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      Here's a statement we have just received from The Good Guys:

      "The Good Guys would like to confirm that all advertising scheduled to feature during the Kyle and Jackie O show has been withdrawn. This decision will continue into 2012 and has been as a direct result of the program’s inappropriate content. The Good Guys has also confirmed that it will not advertise on any program hosted by or featuring Kyle Sandilands in 2012."

    23. Comment from Lexus on advertising with Kyle in 2012

      suz culph
      Petition Organizer

      Lexus has clarified their position on advertising with Kyle in 2012:

      "...When the Kyle outburst was brought to our attention, we directed ATN not to air our ads in the traffic reports which were to run in the Kyle & Jackie O Show. Furthermore, we confirmed with ATN that no more Lexus ads within the traffic reports were to run on 2DayFM.

      We condemn and will not be associated with views such as those expressed as we have publicly explained on Facebook and within the tenets of the white ribbon campaign which we openly support.

      As the current situation stands we are committed to not advertising with/on any show hosted by Kyle Sandilands in 2012. "

    24. Mitsubishi -- no further ads with Sandilands

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      After renewed pressure through facebook, Mitsubishi confirm that no more ads will be aired during Sandilands' shows:

      "Hey guys, as per our messages a few weeks ago, Mitsubishi Motors does not sponsor or endorse Kyle Sandilands or his shows. Our media partners have confirmed that no further ads will run in his programs."

    25. Mazda confirm: no ads with Kyle in 2012

      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      Here's what Mazda had to say after a huge amount of comments on their facebook page about the issue of 2012 advertising:

      "Thanks everyone for your comments. We withdrew all advertising from and around the Kyle & Jackie O show and have committed to not support any show hosted by Kyle in 2012. We do not condone Kyle's comments and they do not support our brand values."


    Reasons for signing

    • Victoria Randall ORLANDO, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      This is disgusting...but is there any news about the effect this has had?

    • Ann Onymous BRIMFIELD, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      I fail to understand why this and much worse on a daily basis is tolerated in an elementary school, but I agree that it is very, very bad.

    • gisela pender SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      bad image for our youth

    • Thomas Duncan SOUTHBANK, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Public figures should be penalised/fined for not taking a responsible approach to their positions as role models, particularly to children and young people developing their view on how to be in society. If you're on a show aiming to reach an audience, Bang! That's you, Sunshine. This does not count as freedom of speech, when you're being paid, unless the you're representing the views of the show.

    • Andria Duncan LAWRENCEVILLE, GA
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm signing because I HATE broadcasters like this, who have to personally attack anyone who has anything critical to say about them -- if you can't take the heat, GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN -- off the air! If this idiot's bosses had any balls at all, they'd have fired him by now.


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