21,000 Children Die Needlessly Each Day. Let's Make It Zero.
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21,000 Children Die Needlessly Each Day. Let's Make It Zero.

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UNICEF has announced that the number of children under the age of five dying each day from preventable disease dropped to 21,000 in 2010. That’s down from 33,000 per day in 1990.

That means, compared to 20 years ago, each and every day 12,000 more children are living to see their next sunrise. Each day, 12,000 more children are playing with friends, making their mothers laugh, and dreaming of all the exciting things they will do when they grow up. That is extraordinary.

But 21,000 is still 21,000 too many children dying from preventable causes. They die from causes most people in the U.S. rarely worry about. Malnutrition. Unsafe drinking water. Lack of a five-cent vaccine. That number should be -- and can be -- zero. This is a time of great opportunity for child survival. With strong U.S. support, UNICEF is leading efforts to reduce dramatically child deaths worldwide over the next decade. 

The U.S. Government's contribution to UNICEF is critical if we are to truly reach zero. It's an important part of America's humanitarian commitment to children worldwide. Please urge your members of Congress to invest in UNICEF for FY 2012 to help save millions of children's lives and protect their futures.

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