Stop playing on women's fear of rape to protect your profits
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Stop playing on women's fear of rape to protect your profits

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      Jane Quinlan

      North fitzroy, Australia

January 2013


BREAKING: 13CABS have just dropped the ads! Congrats everyone who got involved and thanks so much for the support! More on the victory in The Age:

BREAKING: 13CABS have just dropped the ads! Congrats everyone who got involved and thanks so much for the support! 

More on the victory in The Age:


This morning 13CABS launched a scaremongering campaign to reject recommendations by the Taxi Inquiry. They are exploiting the threat of rape and sexual assaults on women to pursue their own profit-driven agenda.

There is such a shortage of taxi services in Victoria that the Taxi Inquiry suggested allowing more cab companies to offer pre-booked services. But 13CABS say that this will lead to an increase in illegal operators and in turn, sexual assaults and indecent conduct by taxi drivers. Their “concern” is, in my eyes, transparent.

As a hospitality worker I would regularly finish work at 2am. Standing in line at a cab-rank with drunken louts waiting sometimes for periods in excess of 90 minutes, left me feeling very unsafe. I appreciate the sense of vulnerability that women and men feel -- but I think the threat lies more on the streets. 

It is clear that 13CABS are attempting to reduce competition, allowing them to increase prices and avoid meeting the community’s expectations of standards of service. I am troubled by their obvious exploitation of the genuine concern for women’s safety.

A threat does exist, but it is my belief that this threat would be best met and extinguished by allowing people more options, that is, not only more cabs but safer options such as the availability of pre-booked, chauffeur-like transport.

Please sign my petition now and tell 13CABS to stop playing on women's fear of sexual assault to protect their profits. Their motives are simply, greedy.

I am not saying that there should be an unregulated system, where any Tom, Dick or Harry could drive up along side you in an unmarked car, offer you a lift and charge you some arbitrary amount. The Taxi Inquiry have sensibly suggested a registered system of pre-booked cabs. I believe that this is not only a safe option, but the safest option.

Do not allow 13CABS to stifle the introduction of these safer options. It is your safety that is inevitably at risk. Avoid wandering the streets trying to hail a cab or waiting, uncomfortably in queues for taxis late at night. It is there that you are most at risk.


You can leave a message on their facebook page too: Or their Twitter handle is @13CABS

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    • Adrian Gibbs ACT, AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      The prioritising of commercial advantage over attempts to improve safety should never been condoned or excused.

    • Christine McSweeney PAKENHAM, AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because as a rape victim, I find this advertising tactic abhorrent!

      • over 2 years ago

      This advert is discusting - how about just providing a good service!!!

      • over 2 years ago

      Instead of scaring people, why don't 13CABS say what they're doing to keep us safe? Probably because they can't, because they're only a booking agency. The taxi drivers are their customers, each operating or employed by another business. 13CABS can't do anything BUT scare. Get out of here!

    • sally hammerman WEST CHESTER, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      Well, it's got a point but why advertise through negativity using women as your foil?


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