Don't ban Fordham Plaza News Stand from selling coffee/tea due to new Starbucks location
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Tony Wallace
1 Fordham Plaza Building Management Co.

Don't ban Fordham Plaza News Stand from selling coffee/tea due to new Starbucks location

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      geisa martinez

      Bronx, NY

On Friday June 13, 2014 the operator of the news stand in the lobby of 1 Fordham Plaza was informed by building management that he is no longer allowed to sell coffee or tea due to Starbucks opening on the street level of the building. The news stand in the lobby of the Fordham Plaza provides snacks, drinks, lotto, newspapers, coffee and tea to the tenants of the building and has done so for the last 15 years. However, this was brought to an end when Starbucks opened last week. Apparently some sort of a deal was struck between Starbucks and the building management company, preventing the news stand from continuing to sell coffee and tea. After speaking with the operator of the news stand I have been informed that he had to lay off his only employee, who has been with him for 5 years, because business has drastically decreased already. He explained that roughly 80% of the building tenants would purchase coffee/tea from him each morning. This also meant people purchasing buttered rolls, bagels, pastry, etc. Because he no longer can sell coffee, there is no demand for any of the breakfast goods either. He is struggling to fill his financial quota and feels what is being done is unfair. I myself have been an employee of an agency within the building for the last 15 years and have purchased coffee everyday from the lobby. For all coffee drinking tenants we are now forced to exit the building, purchase coffee for 2-4 times the amount we would normally spend, or take our business elsewhere to an even further establishment. The actions taken by the building management company are not only forcing tenants to purchase overpriced breakfast food/drinks, but also caused an employee of 5 years to lose his job and a business of 15 years to immediately decline. The tenants of 1 Fordham Plaza should have to option to purchase coffee where they desire, within close proximity to our offices and not have to support the overpriced, multibillion dollar Starbucks franchise.

1 Fordham Plaza Building Management Co., Tony Wallace
Don't ban Fordham Plaza News Stand from selling coffee/tea due to new Starbucks store

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    • Idelcy Lando NEW YORK, NY
      • 2 months ago

      I work at One Fordham Plaza and would like to support the small business operating in the lobby of the building against big bully Starbucks next door.

    • Elian Ramos BRONX, NY
      • 2 months ago

      This is a hardworking man, who deserve to earn his living, not tramped over by a corporation. Period!

    • Zulai Romero ELMHURST, NY
      • 3 months ago

      Small community businesses are integral to their fluorishing!

    • Jay Espy BRONX, NY
      • 3 months ago

      We must stop gentrification in its tracks before rich landlords and corporations swallow up our communities. This is a sign of worse to come. Rents are going up everywhere in Fordham and Kingsbridge. We must unite and fight!

    • Maribel Felipe BRONX, NY
      • 3 months ago

      It is not fair that the News stand has to stop due to Starbucks coming into the area. Everyone has the right to choose where to spend their hard earn money. Loyalty is out the window I see for this Management company!


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